Open Loops with Greg Bornstein: Conversations That Bend

"Fringe" V.S. "Facts": The Great Debate with Full Spectrum Universe's Rob Yox and Mystic-Skeptic Radio's David Daniel Gonzalez

Episode Summary

Fringe Versus Facts. Aliens Versus Apes. Atlantis Versus The Heavenly Jerusalem. If you've ever wanted to hear a conspiracy theory investigator debate a rationally-minded skeptic, this episode is for you. Guests Rob Yox from Full Spectrum Universe and David Daniel Gonzalez from Mystic-Skeptic Radio Show/Podcast free-style debate (because let's be real, there was no way to hold them to a format) and discuss a full range of topics, including: -Who built the pyramids? -Where did the pandemic come from? -Are ancient aliens truer than the Bible? The bloodstains of intellect is just as difficult to clean up after.... Enjoy the mess.

Episode Notes

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