Open Loops with Greg Bornstein: Conversations That Bend

Elon Isn't a Poser Bro and UFOS Definitely Aren't Real: An April Fool's Episode with Jess Rogge from Fringe FM's The Rogge Report

Episode Summary

Jess Rogge, Journalist and Host of The Rogge Report on Fringe FM, sheds light on her lifelong interest in fringe topics, UFOS, the paranormal, and the unexplained. We learn about her weirdest guest, her recent interview with Harvard professor Avid Loeb legitimizing Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, what's really happening with Space Force, and her uncensored views on a certain man named Elon.

Episode Notes

Throughout her life, Jess’s multiple unexplained experiences led her to spend much of her free time researching fringe topics and even question the nature of reality itself. From a young age, she developed a fascination with the paranormal, which as a teen expanded into the world of conspiracies. Her undying drive to learn and know more combined with her desire to share information with others led her to pursue a degree in broadcast journalism and television. While she decided against pursuing a career in the mainstream news, Jess was able to take this knowledge and experience to redirect it to the topics she finds most important. She has dedicated the majority of her life to researching the hidden facts behind alternative topics allowing her to stay on top of the latest news and crucial topics in the fringe community.

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