Open Loops with Greg Bornstein: Conversations That Bend

How to Hack the Matrix with On-Air Personality/Spiritual Science Researcher Aage Nost

Episode Summary

Aage Nost, from Broadcast Team Alpha, returns to conclude his interview. He discusses the Universal Principles of Consciousness, how we can hack the matrix to influence the outcomes of our collective timelines, his experience encountering UFOs as a pilot, receiving telepathic downloads from aliens, and just a whole bunch of other things that make you Greg go, "Whaaaaaat?"

Episode Notes

Aage and Greg will be appearing at the three-day virtual conference Forgery Unmasked, from March 27-29th, 2021. Tickets available here:

Aage Nost, spiritual scientist, author, expert, radio host, former pilot, hypnotherapist, accelerated learning instructor, time traveler, and seeker of knowledge about all things outside of the box, returns to Open Loops. 

Last episode he came on talk about reversing the aging process- this is the conclusion of the interview which is all about....universal consciousness, quantum mechanics, and of course, the little greys. 

Aliens, baby. 

Aage talks about what they know, what they're hiding, how you yourself can discover that they are here, and pretty much, if you right down to it, how they are you. 

It's loopy. 

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