Open Loops with Greg Bornstein: Conversations That Bend

My Ghouly Hex-Girlfriend with Queen of the Paranormal Talk Show, PARAFlixx's Vivian Noir

Episode Summary

Vivian Noir. She's witchy, she's spooky, she's all together ooky, Vivian's the Ghoul Babe and Host of The Dead Hours show on YouTube. She's been deemed "The Queen of the Paranormal Talk Show" and her show is now featured as part of the brand new streaming service PARAFlixx. She joins Greg to talk pet peeves about psychics and the paranormal community, the contemporary fascination with attractive goth women, her experience confronting a supernatural doppelgänger, and most importantly, her experiences hexing people. Does she curse Greg for eternity by the end of the episode? You'll have to listen to find out.

Episode Notes

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