Open Loops with Greg Bornstein: Conversations That Bend

The Real Roswell, The Real Remote Viewing, and The Real Truth about How Nothing Is Real with Portal To Ascension's Neil Gaur

Episode Summary

Neil Gaur from Portal to Ascension is an Esoteric Alchemist, Mystic, Researcher, Poet, Speaker, Curator of the Strange and Fringe, and an all-around UFO brainiac. He joins Greg for a deep dive conversation about the hidden agendas in UFO "disclosure," the significance of 2012, the recently released government documents about remote viewing and aliens, and our ancient history that points to the cosmic divine truth of why we're even here. Neil will be a featured guest at the online virtual summit, Forgery Unmasked, from March 27-29th! Along with other Open Loops guests you will recognize (George Mitrovic, Aage Nost, Omar Faizi, Rodney McGillvary, Michael Feeley and more!). And to top it off, Greg will be co-hosting! We hope to see you there.

Episode Notes

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Neil and Greg will be appearing at the three-day virtual conference Forgery Unmasked, from March 27-29th, 2021. Tickets available here:

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